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I have been away from my Blog a long time, but every minute has been a new learning, more, because life has no retakes and we had better learn the lessons when we are taught them. So, this time, I have insights into “family” and “relationships” with them. As seasons change , there are inevitable changes in equations between family members as well. Ups and downs seem to be normal everywhere. I have had many challenges , too. 

Today, as I review my challenges, one fact emerges in my mind and that is, if we can take anyone for granted, we are very . very close to that person or those people. Think about it ! There is so much love and , hopefully, understanding, that we are sure we have a rock of Gibraltar with us. Well..all I can say is,THINK AGAIN ! The very rock can become a huge stumbling block in a relationship. 

You may well say, well, this is a contradiction and it may well be, to some. On looking closely, however, I have observed that the most successful relationships are those that have space and an understanding that each one of us have a life apart from the others, with personal challenges posed by circumstances , events and the people around us. When this awareness is internalized, the first thing that happens is a reduction of expectations and an increasing level of mutual understanding. One begins to understand that love is an energy that binds everything in Creation and that “give and take” really means that the heart gives and the receiving is the effect of giving. It is a two way easy flow of energy which gets blocked and knotted up with expectations ( realistic or unrealistic is only a subjective perspective). And soon, the blockage and knots show up in a now strained relationship.

There is a saying in Hindi ..”Neki Kar Kuvey Mein Daal” which literally means, “do a good deed, a good karma and throw it into the well”. It is amazing to see this principle work in our lives. The more we practice this with honesty and sincerity, the more the knots in our lives get unraveled miraculously and the more beautiful life becomes.

SPACE symbolizes ETERNITY. So, if relationships are to be eternal, the most important MANTRA to practice is GIVE SPACE AND YE SHALL BE BLESSED WITH BEAUTIFUL RELATIONSHIPS.


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The collective “eye” of the ocean which sees the superficiality of the waves as well as the deepness of the core of the ocean, and teaches us to be aware and see both from the outside . This way, there is full awareness of the learning from the ocean. Getting immersed in it would limit the consciousness merely to what is around it.

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