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Writing is like a jigsaw puzzle where the bits of information and experiences are integrated and published. But there is no blueprint of the puzzle given. each piece of writing is, therefore, a projection of the person penning those lines. What writing also does is help the writer to understand himself / herself better, because without understanding, writing would have a disconnect. I write for myself for these very reasons. I look for a disconnect because this is the area I need to improve on. This journey of discovering myself and how I can improve is more exciting than any “highs” that alcohol can provide. The Indian saint and poet Kabir said, keep your critics around you “. I believe this to be a great way to improve. So, whoever is reading this piece and the other pieces on my blog is requested to please send me their valuable comments. I would appreciate that very much. Thank you.

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I , like a million others, used to love fairy tales and the proverbial “happy ending” where I saw myself “living happily ever after”. They were glorious days of freedom with “eternal happiness” at the end of the rainbow. As I ” grew up” , in years and in maturity, I started to think of happy endings , co relating this with so much misery around me and in this world.

The first thought that came to mind was…as eternal souls, we must have known and EXPERIENCED this happiness somewhere, at some time, to intrinsically believe in it as the ultimate end of our search on this physical plane. This thought enthused me further and I wanted to understand why this feeling of happiness eluded us or was sporadic, at best.

It is true that ultimately, happiness comes from within. But it is also not so simple, when one has to live day to day , experiencing nature, events and people on a regular basis . Life unfolds differently for different people and those whose expectations from life are belied , begin to look around and find the lives of others better. The feeling of “I am not happy” then creeps in. This , while it is human, is also the beginning of a deep sense of loss and unfulfillment. For some, this aspect improves with time and for some, it does not.

I relate this with the “happy ending ” syndrome only because there is no universal way to be happy. Fairy tale endings are for fairies and , more important , they are tales. I am not for a minute insinuating that there is no happy ending . I am just thinking whether it would be better to shift our

perspective from the traditional view of happiness to apply it to individual lives. Therefore, , maybe, a happy ending for a happy marriage is truly”living happily ever after”. And maybe, a happy ending for two miserable people living together is to move away from each other. Maybe, a happy ending for an ambitious  parent is to give in to a child’s ambitions of doing something different from the parent’s wishes. And maybe, the same happy ending can be achieved by each one of us just be counting our blessings for what we have.

I was amazed to find that all the people who came into my life and generated unhappiness were actually those who taught me the best lessons of my life and helped me evolve. Maybe, this is happiness…the fact that there is no negative charge within me when I think of or meet these people. And maybe, the generation of compassion when we see people struggling with their emotions and inadequacies is also a source of happiness because then, we can truly help those who need it. Helping others is also an act of God which leads to a tremendous amount of happiness.

So, friends, happy endings are for those who feel happiness everyday in their routine lives, in feeling good about themselves each minute, in being aware of the connectivity with the universe through  people , nature and the flora fauna around them, for those who recognize perfection within all the imperfections on this earth and those who can accept their situation before they use their free will to achieve further evolution.

There is no destination like “living happily ever after” unless we achieve the popular destination among humans , “moksha” , or, freedom from the cycle of birth and death.  But life is the journey where there are many , many happy endings and the beginning of a new journey after every happy ending. Eternal happiness awaits us and will be ours with a gradual and increasing  our awareness of  ourselves as beings of light , thus dispelling the clouds of darkness which block our vision at the moment.


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There are two kins of people in the world, those that are foolish and those that are wise.

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Finish this sentence: there are two kinds of people in the world, those that…. (insert notion here) and those that… (insert other notion here).


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Would you rather…

If I live an extra 50 years, in good health, of course, I have the option to MAKE the 50 million if I needed them. But would I really need the millions ? I would soon realize the meaninglessness of making millions.

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Would you rather have $50 million or live for an extra 50 years?

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I would rather be in a world without time ! But while living on this earth, I would like to slow down time so as to work more hours on developing my understanding and soul purpose. surekhakothari.wordpress.com

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Would you rather have have the ability to slow down time whenever you want, or to speed it up?

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Sure ! We are as stupid as our ignorance ! Therefore, we have to get wise ! After the most DIFFICULT exercise…to ACCEPT our stupidity. surekhakothari.wordpress.com

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Is there a cure for stupidity? If you had a million dollars to reduce stupidity where you live, how would you spend it?

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The kundalini enrgy spiralling upwards to give enlightenment to me ! The most beautiful energy in creation. Surekhakothari.wordpress.com

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How many times over the years have we heard the sayings “distance makes the heart grow fonder ” and “familiarity breeds contempt”. And we quote these again and again with conviction.

I have experienced just the opposite and I want to share this with you. Creating a distance just increases the distance. Familiarity brings in  a huge level of comfort , understanding and fondness and creates a bond which can last for lifetimes.

I think , on one level, I do understand that the sayings have value in the sense of giving space to an individual. If the distance implies only this , then I am inclined to agree that things remain in balance within that space. However , in another sense, distance can kill a very valuable relationship if it means too much time away and too little communication.

Familiarity , on the other hand, creates trust , or rather, is BASED on trust. If there is trust, to be familiar with someone is easier and comfortable. This foundation of trust can be then built on with respect, love , caring and sharing until it becomes a joyous experience.

Today, most people are scared of familiarity and comfortable with distance , not willing to take a chance, with a notion that it may go against the future of a relationship. They are therefore, also holding back and deviating from their natural instincts. So, a mask is put on and stress is definitely the result. Hampering the natural flow of energy will create blocks within us , for sure.

We have started believing that keeping a “distance”  is the current need and norm in the urban society today. I beg to differ. This is the need of people who probably want to build  need based relationships to achieve their ambitions and goals. It is also the fact that egos run high today and the illusion of either superiority or inferiority dictate our thinking and actions.We want to run a race and emerge supreme . But we forget that we are in a circle where we are like the motorbike rider who goes round and round within the circular pit and the audience applauds for the speed and skill of staying there and showing a balance which is amazing to those who don’t have it . There is always someone with a level of skills different from ours .

To conclude, instead of thinking of “distance”, the natural path to follow as per the spiritual laws , would be INTEGRATION. So, coming back to the topic, distance would be the opposite path to take. Let us think now onwards, of familiarity …in that we are all human beings on this earth for our spiritual growth, that we need to integrate to form a oneness in the universe , that we are separated parts of a whole who, in our ignorance, refuse to unite because that would mean a unity of the collective egos an acknowledgement of who we really are. And we have NO INTENTION of traversing that path which is unseen, difficult and takes away from our desires of material evolution.

And this is EXACTLY the place where my story begins and ends…


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The human mind is extremely intelligent, even devious , with a great capacity to fool itself as well ! It can camouflage the real motive so beautifully that it ends up fooling the individual and the people around…at least for a while.

As they say, to conceal one lie, you have to tell another lie, and so it goes on piling layer upon layer of lies ! After sometime, the liar BECOMES the lies and it is difficult to separate the two. Like onion peels, the layers pile up . When it is time to remove these layers, it is time also for tears . Both the peeling processes are painful.

This is when people come to a therapist. It is amazing that the issue with which a client comes can have one or many underlying layers which have to be revealed before therapy and cleansing, catharsis and healing can happen.

When I interact with people, I can actually see the layers piling up, specially in the case of interpersonal relationships. The most important principle by which I live is , “why be complicated when you can be simple ? ” It just seems to work magic for me. When you let go of the extra sacks burdening your shoulders, you bring your mind into a state of awareness where you start wanting to be clear of the remaining burdens as well, until one day, you feel so light that you never want to walk back into the previous mode again.

What we lack sometimes is the courage to accept  and even forgive ourselves and others  so as to achieve a higher goal of evolution. The ego is so adamant that it will not let you veer from the “I” to look at “YOU”, “US” , “WE” and “THEY”. The vastness of creation and our miniscule role in it gets distorted when the ego looms so large that it covers our vision and blocks the glorious universe from unfolding before us and teaching us the true nature of existence of  the human being as of all other manifestations of the Divine.

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The word “limited” is associated with all things and people. Our very existence on this earth is “limited”. From what we know , the energy we bring into the world is also limited. The “karma” we carry is also limiting in our lives. Isn’t it true that we are always in search of something better, or someone better ; maybe, searching for a better life, more comforts, a more loving person to love etc. There is ALWAYS  a search for the magic word “MORE”. The word “more” indicates that there is a limitation for the very reason that that there is a feeling that there IS more .


Yet, ironically, this has an inherent fact built in that there HAS to be an ” unlimited “somewhere…where the search ends. That destination is the “unlimited”. Some call it “God”, some call it “heaven”. The knowledge we have from the world of Regression and Hypnotherapy points to the Spirit World , the original home of our soul. This is a place where the soul energy is unlimited, a place from where soul fragments descend onto the physical plane through the cycle of birth and death for a stipulated amount of time. Having been separated from its whole energy system, this soul BECOMES limited for a while in order to learn its lessons and then travels back to the unlimited realm where it belongs.

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