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Over the years, in my experiences as a healer, I have seen many facets of love in people which demonstrate an acute need and therefore, a lack of this valuable emotion. Love is a prime energy which connects everything in creation. But we see fear rule people much more than love, and it is a fact that love cannot survive where there is fear. The converse is also true. Love and fear cannot co exist. There is a deep contradiction in the minds of human beings where, on one side, they want love and on the other side, they tend to mutilate it with their expectations.

There is a category of people who aspire to be loved through serving others, hoping that this will find approval in the eyes of those they serve and some love may come their way. There is another category of people who want love badly but who will actually turn people away from themselves by pretending that they don’t need anyone in their lives. Such people are very vulnerable from within and need to be taken care of. A third category of people is the demanding kind. They want love in the form of attention and can become quite obsessive.

One has to examine the womb reality and often, past lives to identify the root cause of why people are this way. The truth is that the intrinsic quality of the soul is love and that it doesn’t have to come from external sources at all. The soul, by virtue of being a spark of the Divine Energy, is abundant in love which actually multiplies when given out. But humans don’t trust and therefore, doubt everything and everyone. The Universe protects us provided we are in sync with it and live by its laws.

Love is its own reward. We love because it is our nature to love, not as a condition that the love is returned to us. Unconditional love is connected to our inner fountain of happiness and joy: the joy of giving with love.

I see many controls happening in the name of love. There seem to be unwritten rules in a close knit group which curtail the freedom to love those outside the group. Or, even if some do, they are not willing to show it. In families, too, there are divisive forces arising out of insecurities which find their roots in the inability to understand the actual nature of love.

As a healer, I know that if love becomes a need or even an obsession, the energy of the seeker goes out to the giver and debilitates the one who needs it and asks for it, while the giver becomes stronger. The precondition of a healthy Heart Chakra is the ability to love while keeping our personal space intact. When we feel depleted of energy, we tend to look for it outside ourselves when we should actually be tapping it within ourselves and also retrieving it from those who we have given it away to. Unlike a vessel getting steadily empty as we use its contents, the more we share love as a Divine Energy without expecting a return, the more love seems to fill us. This is an eternal fountain for those who experience the feeling. It is a transformational experience which words cannot describe or achieve.

Our lives are so colored by our desires, ego, biases and negativities arising out of a deep seated ignorance and a lack of awareness that unless these are removed, we may not be able to experience the simplicity and beauty of life and will continue to live in dark zones.

Surekha Kothari          



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