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Hello friends !

I know there are many who find it difficult to believe that there are past lives ! Despite several real life cases ,we look for tangible proofs ! As a therapist, I have found two extremes of clients visiting my centre. The first type is very curious and wants to experience a past life regardless of the existence of an issue for which Past Life Regression may be used as a technique towards a  resolution. There seems to be some romanticism and excitement attached to these seekers. The second type balks at the thought of Past Life Regression as therapy to solve an issue because either they are scared of the unknown,  bound by religious beliefs or living with myths and mindsets.

As they say, experience is a prerequisite and starting point of  the establishment of any kind of belief system or faith.

Let me explain . Many of us get stuck  in a quagmire of repetitive patterns which are limiting , constrictive and hamper movement and growth. Some of us are not even aware that this is happening to us. All we can feel is bouts of restlessness, claustrophobia , listlessness and lack of joy. And we don’t understand why . At this point, we have not learnt to work from the space of our higher selves.

These repetitive patterns are  “karmic”  ( a result of our direct / indirect actions ). As an off shoot of such actions, we create our own issues . In other words, we make choices that create and recreate our reality and therefore, destiny. It is clear therefore, that we are responsible not only for creating our reality but also changing it any time.The phrase “passing the buck” is therefore, negatively proportional to the positive phrase “taking charge of your life”. The latter comes highly recommended !

Wherever there is an emotional / mental  charge attached to events and / or people, there is a potential issue . I would rather not use the word “problem” for its purely negative connotation. Can you imagine how heavy is the burden of so many unresolved “karmic” issues we carry from so many lives ?

Just as a  journey into our past years can help us understand and resolve many issues we face as adults which have their roots in our early years, so also, visiting one or more past lives can expand our understanding and our consciousness manifold. There is nothing as liberating and therapeutic as a resolution of the past.

Such a liberation can happen with the actual experience of our past lives & life between lives,  leading to an understanding of our current lifetime…of the people we have around us and why things happen to us the way they do.

Have we ever looked at ourselves as eternal beings who are on this physical plane to live out our soul purpose ? That we are a sum total of all our past lives and all the karmic content in each of these ? What WE do can be undone or redone only by US. So, the onus of a holistic and happy existence is totally on each of us.

Religions talk of punishment to a human being in order to  induce good / salutary action through invoking  fear. Actually, we are here to learn the lessons we could have learnt but did not learn and some new ones as well .

The energy that works in aiding our learning is not fear but love. And with the removal of each knot within us as we understand and heal  events , people or ourselves either from our past lives or this life,  we also nullify the “karmas” that bind us.

If we can change our thinking and behavioral patterns to rise above our conditioning and rigidities and our myopia , our future can be simple, beautiful and joyous.

I can’t think of a better scenario.

Can you ?

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Dear Readers!

I have been away a long time from my blog, traveling, meditating, reflecting on many things. At this stage , I am pondering over death , its meaning and the fear it evokes in the minds of people. Many people may  straight away tag this topic as morbid. Some may even turn away from it. This is the biggest mistake human beings make. Is it wisdom to refuse to dwell on something which is inevitable ?

All our lives, we live  in a frenzy, running Helter skelter,  led away by our ego , ambitions, obsessions, leaving ourselves no time to sit back and reflect on whether we are actually prepared for the ultimate eventuality which we continuously sweep under the carpet and refuse to acknowledge.

We prepare and plan for events, holidays, what to wear at parties, how much finance we want , what luxuries we want in our lives, etc. etc. Do we then need no planning or preparedness for the moment we pass from this world ?

There is an amazing amount of  curiosity about Past Life Regression in recent times. We are intrigued  and curious about who we were. We understand from the Past Life Regression sessions that  many had unplanned deaths. There were also many karmic issues which were unassimilated and not healed and which have come into our current lifetime to disturb us.

Consequentially, therefore, it makes absolute sense to  learn from our past lives and this time, reflect on what lessons we needed to learn and did not, and what does it take to plan for the last moment in this world so that we can actually look forward to the ultimate and glorious experience of passing on into another world.

As we live out our karmas, let us also start thinking about this  and making the required changes within us in order to make our onward journey as beautiful and as perfect as we plan our holidays ever so often.

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