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“Scams” has been the name of the political game in India. “Accountability” and “responsibility” are two words that do not exist in the dictionary of those in power. Promises have been a sham. The personal use of power for personal gains has been revealed again and again in scams. The shame that politicians have brought to this country is complete! The inquiry of the scams is a sham, and after a while, gets buried under the pile of new scams.

Come election and all this garbage surfaces, not with the honest intention of cleaning up the system but to malign the parties to cut them down to size and then riding to success on their bent shoulders. Many will agree that this is a deplorable situation.

Is the method evolved by parties currently indicative of the possibility that Shri Narendra Modi has, with his undeniable stature and the ability to deliver in Gujarat, shaken all those who are in the political game only for personal gain, not the welfare and prosperity of the country? It is amazing that the elections in 2014 have revealed this insecurity within all the non BJP parties in the form of mudslinging and maligning Shri Modi as their one point agenda. Are they threatened by his comparatively “clean” image, apart from Godhara?

There is a huge momentum gathering around the growing awareness that there might be a possibility that both Congress and AAP are in cohorts with each other to break the BJP vote bank to ensure that they are not voted in as a single largest party.

It is so apparent that the Congress party Manifesto is a last minute attempt at trying to reverse the trend of a complete lack of faith in this party. The first question that comes to mind is, what were they doing for ten long years when they could have brought into practice every measure their current Manifesto suddenly declares as essential and one they are committed to? Are they trying to hold on desperately to their throne which they see disappearing right before their eyes? Will people believe them this time as they innocently did, earlier? It remains to be seen.

On the other hand, the AAP, having the same one point agenda of bringing Shri Modi down, have failed to show the maturity and the political acumen it needs to govern a vast and diverse country such as India. Maligning other parties and veterans does not ensure credibility of rank newcomers to take on the complicated task of governance.

Just as surgery is required when parts of the body need to be saved, to change a system plagued by corruption and degeneration needs “surgery” in the form of the removal of the diseased parts. Shri Rajnath Singh very correctly puts things in perspective by stating that the country, the party and the individual can be successful only if placed in this order. Prima facie, this reflects his political maturity and political spirituality. There are still a few individuals who actually think of the country and are trying to fulfill the needs of the citizens of this country, many of who have been left in a state of abject poverty and chaos and without any development after being promised a better future. To do this, they need to fill in positions of authority from where they can bring in the desperately required change.

With the media magnifying the self glorification of parties and white washing some individuals as opposed to the running down of some others, I hope the people of India will not be misled and will give the mandate to those who have demonstrated that they are capable of effective governance in terms of infrastructure development, cleaning up the social fabric, provision of safety and prosperity from the grass roots, in fact, those who are devoted and dedicated to this wonderful country.

Surekha Kothari

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As the Election fever escalates, the drama gets more and more bizarre. Gone are the days when “rising” and “ascending” meant personal motivation to increase the personal benchmark each day, based on “uplifting” the value based standards of oneself.  I am always reminded of the exercise we did about making a short line into a longer one without touching the line. We were so excited and inspired when we got the right answer which was, that all we needed to do was to draw a bigger line next to it. So simple and so uplifting! But, hey, just try saying this to the warring politicians of today!

Let us examine this in the present context. Do we perceive Shri Arvind Kejriwal trying to “draw the bigger line” in Varanasi to cut down Shri Narendra Modi? Or, do we see Shri Rahul Gandhi trying to resurrect his party from the ashes by looming large with dramatic and desperate announcements of reforms through advertisements on TV Channels and calling it drawing the bigger line? In fact, is UPA using AAP as a front to acquire a so called “clean image” and thus, attempting to disguise their desperation for return by “cutting down” the Shri Narendra Modi line because at this time, whatever they do, the last thing on their mind is to draw the bigger line in favor of progress which they have failed to achieve, given their long run at the centre.

The defiant reaction of all the non BJP parties is not so surprising because the writing on the wall is that every thinking individual in India is banking on the surmise that the coming in of Shri Narendra Modi means a chance and a new hope at actual governance. This one point has shaken up most of the politicians, sadly, even some within BJP. Shri Arvind Kejriwal is only trying to topple Shri Narendra Modi because the perception of Shri Narendra Modi and even some endorsement of him as “incorruptible” is an image the corrupt politicians cannot afford to and will not live with. However “well meaning” Shri Arvind Kejriwal may be towards the “aam aadmi”, there is something to be said about political maturity. Governance is serious business and grabbing eyeballs with high voltage drama may not be constructive for any party at this juncture. Neither will preying on the emotions of people bring in the much required change. It becomes necessary to construct a dam when the waters deviate from their course and start to cause destruction.

If BJP members are genuine about restoring the glory of India, they will show a solidarity and faith and allow Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime Ministerial candidate chosen by most of them for a good reason, to prove himself with the total support of his party. This sounds utopian at the moment because, unfortunately, personal gains override the total interest of the country.

Wisdom lies in understanding that if the country prospers, so will its citizens. An ushering in of “Ram Rajya” cannot be given the myopic connotation of radicalism among Hindus. “Ram Rajya’ only means genuine secularism, equality for all, harmonious living among different religions based on of, for and by all religions, ensuring peace and prosperity for all and working to raise the economic and social standards of the grass roots of this wonderful country called India.

Time is right for a massive change and I would like to believe that just as Lord Krishna allowed only one hundred sins to Shishupal before destroying him, the current “amrit manthan”, the churning and awareness will commence the process of complete transformation. People are fed up with non-performance, greed, lack of justice and equality and living under unpredictable and fluctuating social and economic conditions. There is desperation to see concrete proof of prosperity and an equitable distribution of wealth along with human dignity for every citizen regardless of the work profile and economic status.

If my words are idealistic, the good news is that today’s idealism was the reality earlier in time. There is an element of confidence, therefore, that those times will return and it is people themselves who will bring them back. The intolerance towards the current state of affairs is complete. Beyond the denseness of this darkness, there can only be light.

The obvious and common thought pattern at this time should be, have war and terrorism, degeneration of the mind and selfishness and greed created the wealth of happiness for anyone?  Today, in the world, there is only fear and all the emotions like anxiety, anger, hatred and intolerance sprouting from fear. Let us try love for a change. We just may be surprised at what love can do for the individual, families, societies, countries, in fact, the whole world.

Surekha Kothari

BodyMindSoulCentre, Chennai

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There is a famous “Indian Crab” story which I, as an Indian, am not proud of. The open container of Indian crabs pulling each other down is the story of not only the politicians but also of the modern society. Sometimes, even the thought that a land of such a spectacular spiritual heritage can demonstrate such decadence in the moral fibre on one side and on the other side, be a role model to the world in terms technology, arts, literature, fashion and spiritual “gurus”, is mind boggling and disturbing.

I can understand ambition and seeking success. I can also understand looking up to eminent people as role models and wanting to be where they are. On a slightly lower thought level, I can see why people might be envious of others when they don’t reach the goals they aspire for. But the understanding stops here. 

 The moment I think of who I am, this introspection mode automatically brings an awareness of my connectivity with people and nature, my karmic plan, the ethics of living, my fate and destiny and my responsibility to myself before others. I truly believe that if each one of us focused on all of these, we would not, in fact, COULD NOT be contributors of decadence in any major way. 

It is typical that the churning and the changing tide of time and events in India, being perceived largely as the dawn of an era of light after a dark period, should not be welcomed by a few self promoting, subversive forces who survive on personal gain at the cost of other people and the country. This state of affairs has prevailed in India for many years. Today, however, from the grass roots, we   hear  the agitated, dissatisfied and desperate voices of the masses, determined to fight for their right to a better life, a better future, a better governance. The tempestuous fever of the multitudes must necessarily mark the beginning of the return of India to its former spiritual glory of peace, prosperity, right to equality, respect for women, moral and ethical teaching for children, dignity of labour and most important, honesty, trust and safety as pillars of society.  

This might sound simplistic and too drastic a change from the current state of degeneration. But I am the eternal optimist. Life is divided into phases. What goes up has to come down. So, logically, if everything changes, this, too, shall pass. The assertiveness of people magnified by a responsible media are the harbingers of the good times to come. The growing intolerance for heinous acts of crime are evidence that this cannot go on and will not be allowed to go on anymore.  

The vibrations of this earth must be raised to a higher level by each one of us by setting examples of simple living and high thinking, thereby replacing the detrimental nature of the present self seeking, commercial, ego driven and greed inspired living. India is a land of an awesome spiritual heritage. It is that energy which has carried us through historical catastrophes again and again and yet, has saved us from complete destruction. Interwoven minutely into the Indian fabric, this energy, when activated, will, in one stroke, sweep away the misdeeds of a few and restore the earlier order of an ethical and peaceful society.


Surekha Kothari

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I find that after I became a therapist, one of the very subtle learning that I have had is the interpretation of the broad spectrum words “Sensitive” and “compassionate”. We generally applaud a person for being sensitive because we are automatically attributing the quality of compassion. This is not wrong when it comes to being sensitive to others. We do empathize with people and even feel some of the pain they go through.

Having said this, when people are sensitive within themselves, that may be another story. This group of “sensitive” people can have a very fragile ego and an pile up emotional scars and wounds frequently on themselves. “Feeling bad” often and looking for approval and endorsements of who they are can be the basic trait of many people who claim to be sensitive. These people are also low on self worth and self esteem due to the fact that they get their identity from others. There is possibly a void within which is only filled by others liking them or approving them.

These kind of people are always going out of their way to doing things for people without really being asked and out of an expectation that they will be tagged as “good”. Most important, in relying on others, they have given away their energy to others and also consequently, given away their power to others. To have a consistent relationship with these kind of people is a challenge. They can be mercurial and highly unpredictable.

As a healer, I want to tell these people that recognition and approval of the self that comes from within is the right one. Every soul is on its own journey with its own karmic issues looking for a resolution to move forward and evolve. Getting stuck with other souls on this earth can stunt personal growth and evolution and what they have come to achieve in this lifetime may not be achieved.

This shift can happen only with a personal awareness and acceptance that this needs a change and must be changed. Only we can help ourselves.

Surekha Kothari

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We all know the saying, “you can take the horse to the water but you can’t make it drink”. I have experienced this as a therapist and have been amazed at this phenomenon. Is it for real that human beings KNOW that they need healing but still persist in building up more reasons for healing through more negative actions. Why is this so? Let me create some awareness on this point.

The first reason is past life karma. If the person has come to experience karmic issues from another life, it is possible that triggers for change may not happen until the experience is completely over. Old karmas need to be lived out. Only with an awareness and acceptance of what IS will come the realization of what CAN BE. In such cases, an individual can make a conscious choice to heal the issue / s.

The second reason may be a conscious resistance to heal that could have occurred due to an energy attachment from the outside which may not want to heal and therefore, does not allow the individual to become aware or seek help. Very often, when we are vulnerable, the resulting weakness may cause our aura to be perforated or broken. At such times, external energies can walk into our aura, disturb it and alter our personality so much that we even start thinking and living like that energy did when it was alive. These may be deceased energies that don’t transit into the light. It could also be other unseen energies.

The third issue may be an inherent suspicion in the healing modalities and process which comes from a space of fear of the unknown and the insecurity of giving the control in the hands of a therapist. The pre condition for healing is intention, faith and consistency.

Another huge reason is living in denial. I have seen many people blocking people from their lives, avoiding places and living in a make believe world because they don’t want to come out of the box they have climbed into, the box that gives them a certain amount of comfort to enable them to live with themselves. Such clients, when they have been cajoled into seeking therapy have often sat before me in sullen silence, not communicating and mostly, avoiding eye contact and looking towards the floor. Needless to say, neither counseling nor therapy has been possible in such cases.

People who want to transform through healing sometimes, in their lack of understanding and knowledge, come to me thinking I have a magic wand which will make everything alright. I want to emphasize the role of taking personal responsibility for healing oneself. Every day, some amount of negative build up happens with most people. Our daily routine must necessarily incorporate cleansing practices like Chakra cleansing, Pranayama and meditation to keep our minds relatively clean and functioning with clarity and compassion.

I absolutely recommend trying to live from your heart and diminish the ego. The heart does not lie. Love and fear are the two main universal energies and it doesn’t take a genius to make a choice between the two.

Surekha Kothari

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