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The market is flooded with all kinds of cleansers with different aromas. Shoppers can have a field day trying out new ones every day if they so wish. How good we feel when we feel fresh after using a fragrant lavender or a jasmine gel or soap! You would imagine that this “feel good” factor would sustain through the day. But, this may not be true at all. The moment we transfer our body consciousness into our mental and emotional consciousness, these cleansers lose their fragrance.

The most effective cleansers for every human being are in the form of mind cleansers. The mind is really at the core of all pollution, aided by the ego.  When the mind becomes tarnished by low self worth, it goes into comparisons, depressions, self rejection perceived as “other” rejection, snowballing into defiance or aggression as a self defense reaction. In this mode, the easiest and most rampant results seen among people are spoiling relationships, transferring blame to external factors and an unwillingness to come out of the shell to observe ourselves like others observe us.

Cleansing such complexities is very tough when we look for help and help is not available. Anyway, eventually, we have to work at cleansing ourselves.

There are many cleansers available if we find it in our hearts to use them.

COMPASSION is one. To feel a sense of kindness towards those who are going through a negative phase and are enveloping you in it, however unwittingly. Compassion demonstrates an understanding for such people.

FORGIVENESS is the next. “Forgive them, Lord, for they know not what they do”, is one of the Commandments in the Bible. Forgiveness was supposed to be a way of life, which, today, is very hard to find. Our ego often boasts of having forgiven, but genuine forgiveness has two sides: to forgive and to be forgiven.  This two way forgiveness is deeply cleansing in terms of bettering relationships as well as cleansing past karma.

CLEANLINESS: We look at cleanliness in terms of hygiene, referring to cleansing the body, our homes, the kitchen utensils we cook and eat in. But cleanliness also means keeping the purity of thought, word and deed in our daily lives. We often fail to do so, submitting to our reactionary mode to cause more and more damage everywhere and spreading negativity instead of cleanliness.

SELF CONTROL: Giving in to desires and wants, adopting unethical means to achieve those wants, inability to control anger or hatred, meting out injustice and many such impure initiatives can be removed with self control.

Life presents many challenges and it is tough to practice using these cleansers. Ultimately, those who don’t do not make a habit of cleansing may end up paying a heavy price with their health or losing valuable relationships and run the risk of isolation.

Surekha Kothari




National Committee Chairperson, All Ladies League ( www.aall.in )

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