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Perfection! This word has evolved and taken different dimensions …when your child is born, you think it is a perfect creation of God. But, when it grows up, that perfection disappears in the very same eyes that beheld the perfection. When you have a love marriage, things can’t be more perfect! But where is that perception of perfection after some time?

You buy a perfect outfit for an occasion and look perfect from top to toe with a perfect make over. Yet, one small error in a look or a word or an expression, and the perfect grooming is perfect no more. Similarly, there are many “perfects”…perfect behavior, perfect nature, perfect adjustments ….etc etc. You want a perfect party, perfect display…

What is it? Perfect is as perfect can be in the extent of our imagination. Perfect can be pretty obsessive. Perfect can be very limited in its rigidities. Because with “perfection” where is the scope to grow further? So, if you don’t want someone to evolve, keep telling them they are perfect. Jokes apart, where there is constant opportunity for change, the perfect can also change, become a better perfect than the earlier one, and continue this way…

If you are a musician, you know this. Every time you perform, you experience perfection or the lack of it. The standards, self determined and other determined, tend to fluctuate. It is the journey itself, this search for perfection. It is the striving to better ourselves that leads us towards an imaginary goal called “perfection”, as elusive as the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

So, let us not obsess about looking for perfection. Let us try and manifest it as we see it in every phase of our lives. Because each one’s vision of “perfection” is different.

Surekha Kothari



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