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As I turn the pages of my book of life, I remember the bitter sweet experiences that make me who I am today and waiting to become a “better” and “better” me as time goes by. I know this will happen with a constant vigil and awareness. The meaning of each extra day in my life has become amplified as I move into the phase of the setting sun, knowing that this is just a perception and life is eternal. I was, am and always will be.

The strange thing is that what I felt with so much intensity in the earlier phases have transformed from emotional baggage to learning. I feel blessed that this has happened. Rancour has no place within me.

I realize that guilt for mistakes made is merely a sign of ignorance because mistakes are only perceptions of past results. Storing guilt, resentment or any emotional baggage connected with the past would be indicative of the fact that I have not moved on. More so, I also may have managed to color my psyche with some amount of pollution of thought and emotion which, in future, will definitely harm me. Is it worth it?

As I hear story after story of my clients lives, I understand why I became a healer. I had some karmic lessons to learn. Agony and pain remain intact until the dawn of awareness and with it, some relief from a super fragile ego that blinds us to the pain of others and focuses on the self only. The perception of “mine” and “thine” implies attachment to people, events and experiences. I don’t relish those feelings anymore because somewhere, deep down, I am left with a sense of loneliness I have brought upon myself with my myopic attitude. So, I must grow and grow further until I peel off every layer of pollution that I don’t need in my life. Thus, I move from darkness into light.

Surekha Kothari          



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