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The word “limited” is associated with all things and people. Our very existence on this earth is “limited”. From what we know , the energy we bring into the world is also limited. The “karma” we carry is also limiting in our lives. Isn’t it true that we are always in search of something better, or someone better ; maybe, searching for a better life, more comforts, a more loving person to love etc. There is ALWAYS  a search for the magic word “MORE”. The word “more” indicates that there is a limitation for the very reason that that there is a feeling that there IS more .


Yet, ironically, this has an inherent fact built in that there HAS to be an ” unlimited “somewhere…where the search ends. That destination is the “unlimited”. Some call it “God”, some call it “heaven”. The knowledge we have from the world of Regression and Hypnotherapy points to the Spirit World , the original home of our soul. This is a place where the soul energy is unlimited, a place from where soul fragments descend onto the physical plane through the cycle of birth and death for a stipulated amount of time. Having been separated from its whole energy system, this soul BECOMES limited for a while in order to learn its lessons and then travels back to the unlimited realm where it belongs.

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