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A 24 year old boy looking out from the window of a train shouted…

“Dad, look! the trees are running backwards!”

Dad smiled at a young couple sitting nearby who were looking at the childish behavior of the 24 year old with pity,

Suddenly, he exclaimed again…

“Dad, look! the clouds are running with us!”

The couple couldn’t resist and said to the old man…

“Why don’t you take your son to a good doctor?”

The old man smiled and said…

“I did. We are just coming from the hospital. My son was blind from birth. He just got his eyes today.”

I am sure the young couple must have been extremely embarrassed at their hasty judgment. It has been said oft and again that we cannot judge a book by its cover. Actually, we need to understand that every single person on the planet has a story. Very often, we assume a lot about someone we have interacted with only briefly. I am constantly amazed at the kind of statements I hear from people about people. I can’t help thinking whether these judgmental people need to look at themselves first to find out why they need to judge people so superficially.


Wisdom dictates that we don’t judge people before we truly know them. The actual truth may be very far from our imagination. But even after that, can anyone know anyone completely? It is important to be aware that we have several dormant aspects within us which may be revealed under exceptional conditions and circumstances. How can we gauge what a person is going through or has gone through?


Superficial judgments have a very deep underlying meaning for those who judge. The people who are within our orbit act as triggers for our own introspection. The very fact that we have come to a conclusion about someone speaks of our own ineptitude and limitations we have to overcome. Once we do that, our perceptions about the same people will undergo a change.


It is a fact that whatever we don’t like about someone is something we see in ourselves and have to work on. In the story, the couple who was looking at the boy with pity was so limited in mind and so pompous in their advice to the boy’s father evidently needed to know that their perceptions needed more awareness and more compassion.


I want to end with the question: is it necessary to judge people at all? In the deep sub conscious, does that judgment reflect within us as something about ourselves that we are not prepared to admit to ourselves or something we don’t like within ourselves? Conversely, in our judgementalism, are we looking for “approved” company (through our judgment) because we feel good about ourselves just by being in that company and hiding from the person we actually are?

Surekha Kothari



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Folks, this phrase “No Problem” has bothered me since a very long time ! THE URBAN MANTRA ! No one seems to have ANY problem . Each time you ask anyone, “is there a  problem ?”, you are told “ No problem”.

It would be funny if those two words were not a cry waiting to be heard ! The eyes , the windows of the soul , look a little tortured and teary! The face fights to relinquish its contorted look ! But the lips mechanically mouth the words “no problem”. The onlooker is not fooled !

Wow ! What attractive masks we have designed for ourselves , isn’t it ? And the best one yet is “no problem”. And some have mastered the art of saying the words with a big smile even if that smile fails to reach the eyes !

It is evident that all of us have issues. Since time immemorial, people in all the ages have had issues. The difference is that earlier, there was the element of trust and loyalty, mutual respect, compassion , and a genuine desire to help the ones in need, monetarily and in every other way. Utmost confidentiality was maintained and the left arm didn’t know what the right arm was doing. People could confide their problems and get help.

There was an unwritten rule that 10% of all earned wealth was to be donated to further the cause of those in need.

Today, greed rules people. The “each one for themselves” syndrome has washed away the bonds of humanity . Selfish attitudes have diluted the unity and strength  of families and partnerships. By and large,  Fear energy has replaced the Love energy. A lack of trust has been the direct offshoot. And this in turn, has generated a lack of confidence . This lack of confidence and trust forces people to wear masks and we try very hard to let the artificial appear  natural.  And so, we come a full circle here .


No problem”,  folks ! No Problem !


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