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I received a very profound post which said that whatever comes our way won’t go away until we have learnt our lessons. I cannot even begin to endorse the truth of this statement. Whatever comes our way has been called for or invited by us, mainly by resisting the flow of life. We don’t give life a chance to happen. We are so full of ego that we want to make life happen and that too, OUR way. And the way we do this is by inflating ourselves to a level close to bursting. It’s so amazing, the absurdity of thinking we can get away with anything! Or that it is okay once in a while to look after our self interest at the cost of another. That it is acceptable to defy the spiritual teachings, make deliberate mistakes and run to a temple to cleanse periodically…. so that we can sin some more???
So be it! We then have to be prepared for trying situations sitting at our doorstep waiting for our learning before going to the next door.

Surekha Kothari


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