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I just saw a photo of a worried baby in the bathtub , the caption of which meant something like, please remind mamma to get off Facebook and tell her I am still in the bathtub. Funny? Think again.
Just recently, there was a case of a mother whose 3 to 4 year old daughter used to come ever so often to her mom on waking up and tell her she had had a dream. It was actually a nightmare she saw regularly. Her mom admits to seeing the upset look on the face of her daughter while she narrated this but never thought of asking the child any details. Why? Because the child spoke so cutely! This child grew up to be a teenager and the nightmares continued to play havoc with her psyche. She became a withdrawn child. And finally, after proving to be one of the most ineffective set of parents, they took her to a psychiatrist!
Parents don’t ever want to acknowledge that there could be something to the child’s story. To be a parent needs so much more awareness than we are aware of. For married couples, especially in the large kind of joint family set ups, whether a couple is ready or not, the natural culmination of marriage is children never mind if the bride herself is still a child. As much as we speak of ushering in a new era with a new Prime Minister, there is a large body of social reforms and attitude changes essential to bring the adults out of their ennui and a total lack of knowledge about minute responsibilities, which should be consciously imbibed atleast for the sake of our young ones who are the future of this country. All I hear often is, “my parents were so strict, I never knew love. So, i am bringing up my child the only way I know”. This means that we have lost not only our intellect but also the ability to think of what is right and what is wrong. All in the name of love (or a lack of it). Wow! Is it a wonder then that our society is plagued with so much complexity and unhappiness?

Surekha Kothari




National Committee Chairperson, All Ladies League ( www.aall.in )

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