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“Scams” has been the name of the political game in India. “Accountabilityā€¯ and “responsibilityā€¯ are two words that do not exist in the dictionary of those in power. Promises have been a sham. The personal use of power for personal gains has been revealed again and again in scams. The shame that politicians have brought to this country is complete! The inquiry of the scams is a sham, and after a while, gets buried under the pile of new scams.

Come election and all this garbage surfaces, not with the honest intention of cleaning up the system but to malign the parties to cut them down to size and then riding to success on their bent shoulders. Many will agree that this is a deplorable situation.

Is the method evolved by parties currently indicative of the possibility that Shri Narendra Modi has, with his undeniable stature and the ability to deliver in Gujarat, shaken all those who are in the political game only for personal gain, not the welfare and prosperity of the country? It is amazing that the elections in 2014 have revealed this insecurity within all the non BJP parties in the form of mudslinging and maligning Shri Modi as their one point agenda. Are they threatened by his comparatively “clean” image, apart from Godhara?

There is a huge momentum gathering around the growing awareness that there might be a possibility that both Congress and AAP are in cohorts with each other to break the BJP vote bank to ensure that they are not voted in as a single largest party.

It is so apparent that the Congress party Manifesto is a last minute attempt at trying to reverse the trend of a complete lack of faith in this party. The first question that comes to mind is, what were they doing for ten long years when they could have brought into practice every measure their current Manifesto suddenly declares as essential and one they are committed to? Are they trying to hold on desperately to their throne which they see disappearing right before their eyes? Will people believe them this time as they innocently did, earlier? It remains to be seen.

On the other hand, the AAP, having the same one point agenda of bringing Shri Modi down, have failed to show the maturity and the political acumen it needs to govern a vast and diverse country such as India. Maligning other parties and veterans does not ensure credibility of rank newcomers to take on the complicated task of governance.

Just as surgery is required when parts of the body need to be saved, to change a system plagued by corruption and degeneration needs “surgery” in the form of the removal of the diseased parts. Shri Rajnath Singh very correctly puts things in perspective by stating that the country, the party and the individual can be successful only if placed in this order. Prima facie, this reflects his political maturity and political spirituality. There are still a few individuals who actually think of the country and are trying to fulfill the needs of the citizens of this country, many of who have been left in a state of abject poverty and chaos and without any development after being promised a better future. To do this, they need to fill in positions of authority from where they can bring in the desperately required change.

With the media magnifying the self glorification of parties and white washing some individuals as opposed to the running down of some others, I hope the people of India will not be misled and will give the mandate to those who have demonstrated that they are capable of effective governance in terms of infrastructure development, cleaning up the social fabric, provision of safety and prosperity from the grass roots, in fact, those who are devoted and dedicated to this wonderful country.

Surekha Kothari

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