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There are many who don’t believe that there are past lives. Many religions refuse their followers even an entry into this thought . The question is, how can we negate or not allow ourselves the right to explore  new realms that open up before us , especially when it is energy that is the basis and not any religion or faith.

The time has come when the consciousness on earth is expanding rapidly. There are more and more aware souls evolving in physical, mental and emotional health and understanding of the universe and who they are. They refrain from getting enmeshed into the physical plane where their souls journey for a learning of  lessons which complete them , thereby freeing them from the bondage of ignorance of  the spiritual kind.

A poet has said that a city dwells within every human being. Therefore, we have a kind person, a biased person, a loving and yet often cruel person, a confident but sometimes diffident person…all within us .These surface during different phases in life, as parts of our own personality.

Similarly, sometimes, some open files from the past which have a negative registration in our sub conscious mind begin to intrude in our current life , thereby causing a disturbance and imbalance , not to mention an altered state of consciousness. Today, there are several case studies available to authenticate this. 

Being a therapist, I have also seen this happen before my eyes when my client has been regressed and the negative files healed. But then, I talk from experience and conviction. On one level, I understand that it is difficult for anyone to believe words without the experience matching them. However, a strange fear ( of the unknown, probably ) governs people at large , leading to a random circulation of  myths  about past life regression which is detrimental for those who believe them , who might have otherwise attempted healing through this amazing modality.

As therapists believe, in the next few years , this method which is yet a paradigm and comes under “alternate healing ” at this time, will become mainstream. Energy work is taking over as a healing modality and , rightly so. It is a basic fact that everything is energy. The easy flow of energy is health and any blocks of energy is ill health. Energy is blocked by the quality of thought energy combined with negative emotions often sparked by the ego. A deep conditioning of the mind by other people and environments can contribute to energy blocks as well.

There are  cases of long term cures seen with the use of  Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Pranic Healing , Pranayama and Yoga. And regression is one of the most powerful tools we have today to become well and remain well. The pre condition is faith , acceptability and full participation in the therapy.

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