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I am appalled at the state of the medical profession. There are several “good” doctors but goodness does not lie only in being knowledgeable and intelligent. It lies majorly in having humaneness and compassion for the ailing and their families.

Many Indians don’t want to return to India at all due to a lack of this and many Indians will not be treated in any Indian hospital unless they are the “who’s who”, having the doctors running after them and the entire hospital staff standing at their service with folded hands.

The ICU has more infection than anywhere else. I have seen the ICU staff talking on top of their voices, their cellphone ringtones at the maximum volume, irrespective of the serious nature of illnesses of the ICU patients.

Gone are the days when this profession was a noble one and doctors were looked up to with utmost respect. This is one of the most inhuman eras where doctors are doing things like trying to extract their fees from the patients in the ICU lest something should happen to them. For God’s sake! There is a limit to everything!

Mr. Modi and every political figure, more so the Health Minister! What are you going to do about the inhuman and atrocious conditions of all the people and mostly all the hospitals in this countries where death is considered a better option by many suffering beings…better than getting into the clutches of 5 Star hospitals where a minimum billing from a patient takes precedence over the heartrending physical and emotional and mental condition .

Where is the health care that needs so much care?

There is so much “adharma”, so much callousness and so much corruption of the moral fibre in this world that the stage has been set for a while for a complete corrosion of any hope, any joy in the lives of people.

We are also at fault for not raising our voices against this pathetic lack of humanity. If our judicial system had not gone into the hands of vested interests, and suing was made effective, God knows how many people in this profession would have lost their licenses along with their faces, their names and their credibility.

Surekha Kothari


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