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Memoirs are what memories create. Some happiness, some tears, some agony. As we grow older, we seem to start dwelling on the past very naturally. I always used to wonder why the older generation talks so much about their past. I guess, when we are younger, there is so much to look forward to. Our energy levels are high and life seems to stretch in front of our line of vision as having many goals to look forward to. Towards the evening of our lives, a saturation point is reached for many people. Some others retire from their workplace because they have to. Some pass on their work to the next generation. Some opt to resign and take life easy after many years of hard work.


For all of these people, there seem to be many experiences in the past to talk about. There is a lot of learning there for those who listen. But, to handle a phase of inactivity or less activity can get very difficult as well. Not everyone can accept this phase graciously.


Our sense of self esteem depends hugely on how occupied we are, and, more important, how this places us in the eyes of the world. When our identity comes from the approval of others, anonymity can be very unsettling. If life can be viewed as a series of phases, it would be easier to accept changes, both within ourselves and the external set of circumstances.


What is really the issue here is that there is little to look forward to. There are no new goals for many. Actually, the world has opened up so many opportunities that we can learn something new every day. Recently, I saw a computer class with seventy year old individuals and I was thrilled! When so many new vistas open up the Mind, and we have the child within us alive and motivated enough to keep learning, the present and future become so exciting that the past ceases to be a compulsive memory and remains dormant within us , to be brought up at will when lessons from it need to be remembered.


The productive use of each present moment is the key to living rather than existing on past memories just because we don’t see anything before us that would adorn our present and future.


Surekha Kothari



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Being from the older generation, this saying was what we were brought up with. Today, the younger generation might scoff at such sentiments. I merely smile! I know that however much we “advance” materially, scientifically, mentally and socially, there will be little spiritual evolution if we don’t value or practice the ageless tenets of wisdom that have been handed down to us and which make India so special that the entire world looks up to it for spiritual learning.

Actually, spiritual learning is the inevitable side effect of simple living and high thinking. Some truths which many consider to be obsolete, are relevant in every day and age. But, often, they are misunderstood and often, personal material goals gain priority. The race for success obliterates the necessity for solid value systems. A system of compromises also has its own set of principles. For example, if we need to compromise the truth to save an innocent  life, it is permitted because saving this life is more important.

The fact is that it is not so simple to be simple. For example, can we say what we mean and mean what we say? Impossible! We prefer to project ourselves in a specially crafted image, maybe because we want to feel good wearing that image, or, maybe, we are aiming for some benefits and are trying to please those who will look at us favorably as we “seem” to be, in their eyes.

Our intrinsic simplicity is also taken away from us by the constant reactions by our ego to people and events which result in a huge amount of the ever piling excess baggage that we carry, often to our graves. Being simple would mean “letting go” and dropping all the ego related obstructions in our growth. But, we choose to carry for years some verbal war we may have had, some expectations gone wrong, some events that may have upset us and so on. If only we valued the present instead of holding on to the past! If only we realized that by bringing the past into the present regularly, the future will only have unwanted, repeated patterns of the past and each of us who cannot let go will be solely responsible for this.

If we are able to practice being simple, we will attract those people who value us for who we are. These are the genuine relationships which are transparent. But we are in a race for “contacts”. So, how can we be ourselves AND please everyone?

The philosophy of high thinking is one based on personal and social ethics. “Ethics” is a widely interpreted word today. In the more individualistic society, the definition of the word has changed. High thinking actually implies a clear and pure thought process which finally culminates in action for the larger good, which includes us as well. It implies that a “win- win “result must be arrived at by our actions in terms of something for everyone.

High thinking incorporates the value of love, tolerance, acceptance of everything as having the similar and the dissimilar qualities unified in Creation. It means a constant realization from within that this world is not our permanent home and that oneness and integration should be the motivation for existence while on this earth. As a consequence then, our merit would lie in the subjugation of our destructive ego and attempts to do everything that will harmonize our space and allow everything to co- exist peacefully.

Is simple living and high thinking simple? I can only answer for myself and leave your answers to you.

Surekha Kothari


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