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One of the most profound autographs in my autograph book is from the renowned cricketer Vijay Merchant: “It is not about whether you win or lose but how you play the game”. With such attitudes, a sport was the best way to build character. I say “was” because today, sadly, this has become a commercial venture. “Character” doesn’t figure in the current scheme of things. However, nothing speaks louder than the outcome of an event. So, character building is one of the most important lessons we have to learn from the mega event of the Indian Election drama of 2014.

When people are in denial of the kind of people they are or have become, they tend to become hypocritical and even aggressive in their defense instead of accepting their shortcomings gracefully. We have seen this during the elections in a big way. Defeat and bitterness have vitiated personalities to such an extent that there is no self control or dignity left. There is little desire to introspect individually or in groups although public statements are made to this effect. Even now, my guess is, the frenzy of activity is perhaps only based on the earlier single point agenda: how to hit out at Shri Narendra Modi where it hurts the most. And I fervently hope I am wrong!

The truth is well known to all. Anything done with a self seeking motive, compounded by harming another will only boomerang. There is an unseen Divine energy at work. What God has ordained cannot be plucked asunder by man. Desperate and repeated attempts at doing so is definitely self destructive. Hate is not and never will be an answer for anything. It only speaks of the spiritual bankruptcy of those who indulge in it.

Hate, or “Dvesha” according to sage Patanjali, is the opposite of “Raga” or attachment and both are not desirable. Hate is the equal and opposite reaction of attachment. In this case, the insatiable attachment to name, fame and wealth and a complete disregard for ethics and morality has led to hating a spiritually powerful man who has become the role model of a majority of Indians within India and the object of admiration and respect internationally, even if grudgingly by some. When the ego services the self seeking little self, petty belief systems occupy most of the space in the mind, barring the higher self from imparting the wisdom that would help the person reflect before the act. These belief systems comprise of thoughts such as,” nothing “worthwhile” is gained by the practice of obsolete principles like ethics and morality”, a completely destructive philosophy.

India is known for its deep seated inclusive culture and family oriented traditions. The values of sacrifice, tolerance, nurturing those around us and other similar attitudes make India a leader in spiritual living and endorse the principle of the oneness of creation. This was a way of life in Vedic times and those were peaceful, harmonious and prosperous times.

Today, when the vision of Shri Narendra Modi encompasses a wide canvas of growth and development, I am reminded of my childhood years. The head of a joint family even then, practiced the very same principles of taking the family onto higher levels of richness of health, wealth, harmony and prosperity. Sadly, today, when a P.M. Elect who symbolizes a patriarch with such a vast and inclusive attitude towards India, wanting to work towards the development of a “family” of one hundred and twenty five crore people, ironically, it is unpalatable to many. We definitely have to question our sanity here!

I can only say that contributing to the elevation of status and prosperity of India should be the only consideration for every citizen at this time, regardless of whether it is an erstwhile politician or a current one, or whether it is anyone else from any walk of life. Let us stop the politics of subversion and aspire for an illumination of India within the other countries of the world, because this is what India richly deserves.

Surekha Kothari



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