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India is suddenly waking up to this word. Accountability in politics has become one of the most burning issues today. But accountability is or shall I say, should be an all pervasive word and in every walk of life. Not only is it at the core of free will, it is also relevant at the macro and micro levels of all existence. It defines freedom as meaningful only in the context of accountability. It is the benchmark of harmony in the hierarchy of relationships. It denotes a system of checks and balances in families and societies, and therefore, logically starting at the micro levels, the individuals. Accountability is a discipline which can sustain peace and prosperity of every unit in a country and ensure a continued and constructive growth of the nation.

Thus, we have a child accountable to parents, family members accountable to each other, individuals to society, societies to their regions, all the regions to each other, the judiciary to its conscience and the people and the government to its people. This doesn’t mean that the creativity of people will be curbed. This merely means that within the framework of what is good and applicable to all, individual growth can and will be ensured.

What is important to note is that accountability incorporates many attitudes automatically.

The first one is acceptance of all, however different they may appear to be, knowing that the soul within has the same source.

The second one is respect for all, conceding that everything and everyone in Creation has a place and is not superfluous.

The third is the knowledge that everything grows only when given space. We are therefore, accountable for the space we are required to give ourselves and others.

The fourth is the accountability of our thoughts, words and actions. All these three should be tempered with love and acceptance, and with respect.

The fifth and as important is the aspect of responsibility which goes hand in hand with commitment: responsibility towards commitment towards the well being of oneself while ensuring that of others.

Today, India is clamoring for the return of this quality of accountability because this has been previously experienced in this great country more than in any other, despite the constant attempts to bring in a state of anarchy inspired by the greed of self seeking groups who have forgotten the days of nationalistic spirit and sacrifices by proud Indian citizens. Their solidarity against so many odds was actually instrumental in giving “Bharat” its freedom. In accountability and responsibility lies freedom for one and all.


Surekha Kothari


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