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As the Election fever escalates, the drama gets more and more bizarre. Gone are the days when “rising” and “ascending” meant personal motivation to increase the personal benchmark each day, based on “uplifting” the value based standards of oneself.  I am always reminded of the exercise we did about making a short line into a longer one without touching the line. We were so excited and inspired when we got the right answer which was, that all we needed to do was to draw a bigger line next to it. So simple and so uplifting! But, hey, just try saying this to the warring politicians of today!

Let us examine this in the present context. Do we perceive Shri Arvind Kejriwal trying to “draw the bigger line” in Varanasi to cut down Shri Narendra Modi? Or, do we see Shri Rahul Gandhi trying to resurrect his party from the ashes by looming large with dramatic and desperate announcements of reforms through advertisements on TV Channels and calling it drawing the bigger line? In fact, is UPA using AAP as a front to acquire a so called “clean image” and thus, attempting to disguise their desperation for return by “cutting down” the Shri Narendra Modi line because at this time, whatever they do, the last thing on their mind is to draw the bigger line in favor of progress which they have failed to achieve, given their long run at the centre.

The defiant reaction of all the non BJP parties is not so surprising because the writing on the wall is that every thinking individual in India is banking on the surmise that the coming in of Shri Narendra Modi means a chance and a new hope at actual governance. This one point has shaken up most of the politicians, sadly, even some within BJP. Shri Arvind Kejriwal is only trying to topple Shri Narendra Modi because the perception of Shri Narendra Modi and even some endorsement of him as “incorruptible” is an image the corrupt politicians cannot afford to and will not live with. However “well meaning” Shri Arvind Kejriwal may be towards the “aam aadmi”, there is something to be said about political maturity. Governance is serious business and grabbing eyeballs with high voltage drama may not be constructive for any party at this juncture. Neither will preying on the emotions of people bring in the much required change. It becomes necessary to construct a dam when the waters deviate from their course and start to cause destruction.

If BJP members are genuine about restoring the glory of India, they will show a solidarity and faith and allow Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime Ministerial candidate chosen by most of them for a good reason, to prove himself with the total support of his party. This sounds utopian at the moment because, unfortunately, personal gains override the total interest of the country.

Wisdom lies in understanding that if the country prospers, so will its citizens. An ushering in of “Ram Rajya” cannot be given the myopic connotation of radicalism among Hindus. “Ram Rajya’ only means genuine secularism, equality for all, harmonious living among different religions based on of, for and by all religions, ensuring peace and prosperity for all and working to raise the economic and social standards of the grass roots of this wonderful country called India.

Time is right for a massive change and I would like to believe that just as Lord Krishna allowed only one hundred sins to Shishupal before destroying him, the current “amrit manthan”, the churning and awareness will commence the process of complete transformation. People are fed up with non-performance, greed, lack of justice and equality and living under unpredictable and fluctuating social and economic conditions. There is desperation to see concrete proof of prosperity and an equitable distribution of wealth along with human dignity for every citizen regardless of the work profile and economic status.

If my words are idealistic, the good news is that today’s idealism was the reality earlier in time. There is an element of confidence, therefore, that those times will return and it is people themselves who will bring them back. The intolerance towards the current state of affairs is complete. Beyond the denseness of this darkness, there can only be light.

The obvious and common thought pattern at this time should be, have war and terrorism, degeneration of the mind and selfishness and greed created the wealth of happiness for anyone?  Today, in the world, there is only fear and all the emotions like anxiety, anger, hatred and intolerance sprouting from fear. Let us try love for a change. We just may be surprised at what love can do for the individual, families, societies, countries, in fact, the whole world.

Surekha Kothari

BodyMindSoulCentre, Chennai

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