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Every phase in life urges us to introspect in terms of the conditions at the time, the imbalances and what needs to be introspected upon and changed. The Indian Elections of 2014 remind me of the movement led by the Mahatma Gandhi phenomenon which actually succeeded in making India an independent nation. It was a massive mandate given to one extraordinary individual. History has repeated itself with a “tsunami” wave hitting the country in the form of one individual, the Prime Ministerial Candidate of BJP. Ten years of indifferent governance has resulted in the earthquake triggering this tsunami.

Of course, the needs of the hour were different in both cases. But this would be, to my mind, a superficial perception. In the Bhagvad Gita, Lord Krishna has averred and I translate,” whenever evil exceeds the good, I will come to the earth to put things back in order”. I am not labeling anyone as God. This message is more symbolic than literal. In a country torn with strife, divisive politics, corruption, a complete lack of governance, a disregard of the agony of the common man and above all, no intent exhibited to change any of this either, the sudden emergence of a man who promises all of these is evidently like chancing upon an oasis in a dry desert.

I always wonder why, even as individuals, we wait for a crisis to change ourselves. A general discipline always starts at the top. Examples are always set by those in authority which subordinates must follow. It is next to impossible to have an upright, honest boss and corrupt employees unless they have his permission for whatever reason. Of course, very often, as human needs take precedence over ethics, there will be some who will always try to work around principles to achieve petty gains. But, they should be aware that a chain of such actions may prove to be a web they weave around themselves which, over a period of time, becomes their prison. And a group of such people may create a prison for the entire group.

In the case of the ruling party also, we have seen a gradual decadence of morality and a disregard of the duties towards the people of this country. We have seen a distancing of those in authority from the crying needs of the citizens. There has been on the part of many in the party, an attitude of “making hay (for themselves) while the sun shines.” Logically, this must have been permitted by the upper echelons of the party, even if it is, perhaps, by turning a blind eye when this was happening under their vigilance.

My very simple contention is, we have forgotten the teachings of our elders. If we have been placed in a certain situation, we have a duty to fulfilling all the needs of what that situation demands from us. It is a moral responsibility and the attitude towards this responsibility shall be sincerity, commitment and integrity and nothing else. Again, my second simple contention is, if any party considers their first duty to be towards the task they have taken up, would there be any need for voting different parties into power based on a sense of frustration and anger or a feeling of being cheated? The one who always looks at duty with respect and a priority can seldom go wrong.

I keep coming back to the essence of every individual. Today, the News channels are filled with discussions about the worthiness of the parties and senior individuals in the party. Sadly, many of these prominent people come across as very angry, backed by a fear about their own “comfortable” existence. The vehemence they exhibit with their words and body language says more about who THEY are rather than the person they talk about. I guess, at this point, they are past caring about the image they portray to the world because dignity has gone out from the back door long ago. We have seen a lack of this wonderful quality in the mudslinging, abusive and chair-flinging in Parliament and a lot of it on the Television time and time again.

Have the politicians been conducting themselves with the propriety and dignity that commands respect? Or is there so much complacence that they can do anything and get away with it because they truly believe that the people of this country are deaf, dumb and passive? If this is the case, it is a huge mistake and this has become evident during the electoral battle of 2014. The desperate attempt to ostracize one man promising a rosy future to India and its people has been the most pathetic one to date.

At this juncture, the parties need to forget their petty egos and work together for the prosperity and, very important, the security of this country. It is amazing that blatant threats from neighboring countries also have not succeeded in removing the veil of greed and acts of subversion. Thankfully, the youth of today only votes in favor of development and growth and refuses to be swayed by any other considerations. They want to be led by a visionary towards the fulfillment of their dreams which transcend the narrow boundaries of caste and creed. The youth of today is actually looking towards a future which will focus on multi levels of inclusive economic growth and development.

The lessons learnt and to be learnt are many. But mainly, these elections have shown us that a change for the better is always required within every individual first , because it is a group of individuals that make a party. As is the caliber of each individual, so will be the caliber of a party. Mahatma Gandhi led us into freedom but thereafter, we gradually gave up our spiritual freedom to become slaves to greed. The need of the hour now is to unite and move hand in hand to elevate India as a nation to reckon with in every way morally, spiritually, economically, politically and socially. Only by harmonizing the center and all the states and its people under this great democracy will we lend true meaning to the flag hoisting on Independence Day and the sentiments expressed in our national Anthem, “Jana Gana Mana”. Just as a mother brings up her child that she can be proud of later in life, it is the responsibility of each one of us to create the nation that we can be proud of.


Surekha Kothari

Website: www.BodyMindSoulCentre.com

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